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Today we were in university to give them final versions of our diplomas. But suddenly they said that we must sign a paper where is written that we have to bring also armenian versions of our diplomas until 15 of May. Of course I didn't signed this shit! After we went to meet our rector (that I haven't ever seen yet). Secretary said that rector is tooooo busy and we can't meet him and he can't help us because this issue is handling vice-rector. I don't know why he was so busy, maybe he was sitting on his personal toilet? I don't know. But also from this dialog I understood that vice-rector is more powerful that rector :). Again bullshit!

After waiting for 30 minutes vice-rector came. I even didn't knew that our vice-rector has changed. I know him. He was preparing me for mathematics exam for university four years ago.

We started to talk. We said that they can't do such abnormal thing and he was telling that this is new law that all documents for government must be in armenian. In fact he was just covering his ass, not to have any problems in future. But why we must suffer for their mistakes. This is disgusting! This is an idiot thing because today we had to make our pre-defence already and they announce this 'good news' just today. After long discussion with vice-rector we leaved and I understood that it will be very dificult to change something. This is unlawful people, unlawful institute, unlawful country. And you can do nothing. So now I understand why we have such big diaspora. After such thing you are getting dissapoined of this country and the only way to live by laws is to leave this country.